Game Scope 2018


Game Scope Festival gathers developers and gamers all together in what has come to be Denmark’s largest Games Festival. We challenge and break the “gamer” stereotype when, for three days each year, we show what the games industry has to offer: from hardcore gaming to laid back puzzles we show it all – and most importantly YOU get to try it all! Our aim is to show the variety in games and how there is a game for everyone. 

Supporting game development

Meet with developers from both international and local game companies and learn more about how the industry works first hand.

Matchmaking between investors and developers

Game Scope is a great chance to show your game to the fans and other developers for feedback. Do not miss the opportunity to pitch your new project to the attending investors at their booth.

Find a new e-sports star

We believe that gaming can take the same time and effort as any traditional sport does.

Embracing gaming culture

And most importantly, we want this to be an event where people who are passionate about the same things can get together and have a great time.

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In 2018, Game Scope is part of the Starcade festival, which unites LAN, professional gaming and game development in one event.

Fakta om arrangementet

17. august 2018 - 19. august 2018

17. august 2018-19. august 2018

Aalborg Kongres og Kultur Center, Europa Plads 4, 9000 Aalborg

Free of charge

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Stine Lund

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