The purpose of the thematic meetings

The researchers at Aalborg University are among the most active in Denmark within research and development of drones and the use of drones. The university has more than 15 years’ experience with drones and will in the next few years markedly expand the research activities within the field. With the establishment of DronesBusiness, the university wants to focus on drone research within a number of the fields in which the university is particularly strong and on dedicated collaboration with Danish and international companies that manufacture, integrate or use drones.

These thematic meetings will facilitate the industry-targeted activities within the university's drone research. This will give companies who are interested in drones, drone technology and drone application the chance to meet researchers from AAU and, among other things, gain knowledge on the latest research. This also opens up for new collaborations – both between companies and researchers and among the companies.

Target group

The DronesBusiness thematic meetings are aimed at all companies with an interest in drones.


There will be two thematic meetings within this topic a year.


If you have any questions concerning the thematic meetings, please contact:

Iben Bondegaard Andersen
Cluster Coordinator

Niels Jernes Vej 10, DK-9220 Aalborg OE
Telf. +45 99 40 34 41

Mob. +45 20 77 16 37

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