Aalborg now among the world's 400 best universities

Aalborg University surges ahead in the international ranking of the world's best universities. The university moves up 104 places to number 362 among the world's 18,000 universities, and in Engineering and Technology, Aalborg is now in the top 200.

The current rating puts Aalborg University at number 362 in the overall QS rankings.The international QS World University Rankings placed the Danish university in a new and even more visible league. The organization itself describes the size of AAU's leap as "very rare."


The current rating puts Aalborg at number 362 in the overall QS rankings. Things look even better on the list specifically for Engineering and Technology, where AAU moves into the top 200 at number 198 (289 last year).


- This is the third year in a row that we’ve jumped 100 places up the list. Imagine if we continue at this pace for the next four years…, jokes Rector Finn Kjærsdam, referring to AAU in 2009 having placed in the 501-600 group, and in 2010 advancing to number 466.


The QS rankings assess the world's universities on how often their researchers are cited in scientific journals, and on how external researchers evaluate the university’s research. The number of international researchers and students at the university and the number of students per researcher also come into play as do employers' assessment of the graduates from that university.


The weighting of the various criteria typically favors the larger, older universities, so the delight over the good results in Aalborg is even greater.


- It's nice to see that we’re doing well, despite the fact that AAU is another kind of university. We focus on a different type of research-based teaching, and we don’t have as many older researchers, explains Rector Finn Kjærsdam.

According to the organization behind the QS World University Rankings, the improvement in the rankings means that Aalborg University will have a markedly more prominent placement in the overviews made available to the public. The organization's website expects 11 million visitors this year.


Facts and contact:

  • Finn Kjærsdam, Rector, Aalborg University, mobile +45 4055 8522.
  • QS World University Rankings are compiled by the international education and career network Qacquarelli Symonds Limited, with offices in London, Paris, Singapore, Stuttgart, Boston, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Sydney and Washington DC.
  • The ranking measures the reputation among researchers and employers as well as the number of citations and internationalization.
  • The ranking is based on six indicators: External researchers’ assessment of the university’s research (weighted 40%), Citations (weighted 20%), Number of students per researcher (weighted 20%), Employers' assessment of graduates from the university (weighted 10%), Number of international students (weighted 5%), Number of international researchers (weighted 5%).

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