The North Denmark ICT cluster

The North Denmark ICT cluster is very strong with several ICT companies and a very high standard of research. Our companies are innovative, have a high number of employees and make their mark with products and technology in a class of their own. In addition, the ICT research at Aalborg University is world-class, and the university is the largest in Denmark in terms of the number of BA and MA students working with ICT.


A  unique characteristic of the North Denmark ICT cluster is the willingness and ability to collaborate. Aalborg University has several times been named as the foremost university in Denmark when it comes to collaborating with business and industry, and our companies have strong bonds through BrainsBusiness - which is also the underlying basis for a range of networks and other kinds of collaboration.


On these pages, you can explore our North Denmark ICT cluster: You can watch videos and read articles about ICT products and research.


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