Getting started in the video games industry - Aalborg

Want to know what’s going on in Aalborg, regarding game development? Dream of working with game development yourself? Wonder how to start up a games studio? Or just curious on the journey from passionate hobbyist to professional developer? Then this event is for you!  

Meet three Aalborg-based studios – Bedtime Digital Games, TunnelvisionGames and ALL CAPS, and hear their stories "from zero to hero”, how they got started and what bumps they’ve encountered along the road.  

The three studios differ from each other in style, size, number of releases and the platforms they’re producing for, so there will be something for everyone interested in games.  

Each studio will give a short presentation of themselves, their IPs, teams and some of the most valueable lessons they’ve learned along the way. After this the floor is open for discussion and Q&As with all three studios- this is your chance to ask all the questions you’ve been brooding on or find answers to all the questions you didn't even know you had! – No questions are off limit.  

Speakers for the day:  

Brian M. Nielsen, CEO  

ALL CAPS has existed for over 6 years and has experienced a bit of everything. Hear Brian tell about both ups and downs, as well as how you can successfully start and run a game development company.


BedtimeDigital Games:  
Klaus Pedersen, CEO  


Philip Hundevad Nymann, CEO 

The program is fairly loose, so we’ll head in the direction that concerns you at the moment – whether that be technical, business, financial or something completely different. You get to call the shots and influence what areas the presenting studios cover!

We'll finish the day with time for networking, getting to know your fellow developers and people within the industry.  


Registration and coffee 
Welcome by Game Hub Denmark and short intro to thoughts about the future 
Pitch 1: ALL CAPS  
Pitch 2: Bedtime digital games 
Pitch 3: Tunnelvision Games  
Shoutout from Tunnelvision  
Networking and free play  
Thanks for today   

What is Game Hub Denmark?  

Game Hub Denmark is a community for game developers of all shapes, sizes and experience levels. From established developer/publisher, small indie dev, fresh startup, student or hobbyist, there is always a service for you. Geographically the community is primarily orientated towards Aalborg, Viborg, Grenaa and Aarhus, where the partners in Game Hub Denmark are located.  
We help small businesses get started, aid with incubation, acceleration and promotion of already established devs and IPs at conferences and expos worldwide.  

Who can participate?  

Anyone! This event is for everyone interested in game development, and in particularly the Aalborg based game dev community. Hobbyist, student or established developer, it does not matter.  

Fakta om arrangementet

10. maj 2019

8. maj 2019


StartUp Café Aalborg, C. A. Olesens Gade 4, stuen, 9000 Aalborg

Free as the event is part of Internet Week Denmark. No-show fee DKK 500 ex VAT if cancellation happens later than 12 noon on May 9.

Kontakt navn:
Stine Lund

Kontakt e-mail:



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