Google I/O Extended 2019 - Aalborg

Feel the magic of the world's biggest developer conference!

Coming soon! The event Developers, Students, IT Managers, techies and Google enthusiasts all over the world have been waiting for: Get ready for Google I/O Extended 2019.

Last year we gave you the biggest I/O Extended events in Europe but this year it will be even bigger and better when GDG Aalborg, MapsPeople and BrainsBusiness invite you to the biggest I/O Extended event in Europe. 


14:00: Codelab/workshops 

           Codelab 1: Facial Recognition with Firebase ML Kit

           Codelab 2: Getting started with containers on GCP with Cloud RunCodelab

>  Read more about the codelabs

Remember to bring your own laptop if you are participating in a codelab

16:00: Registration - for everyone not participating in the Codelab

16:00-17:00: Food and networking - grab a sandwich and a cold drink

17:00: Mayor’s speech - Thomas Kastrup Larsen is kicking off the event

17:15: Group Photo – make sure to put on your Google I/O t-shirt and crack a smile

17:30: Greetings from the organizers

17:45: Sponsor pitches – get to know the local community that made this event possible.

18:25: Google speaker Christian Stahl will introduce this year's streaming.

18:45: Short break - get some snacks

19:00: Live streaming from Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, California – what we’ve all been waiting for since last year

20:30 - 22:00: Afterparty – grab a networking beer and get talking – it’s time to have fun!



Relive the highlights of Google I/O Extended 2018 below - or explore our photo gallery on facebook


Number of participants currently signed up: 410

Event information

7 May 2019 

Subscription deadline:
5 May 2019

14.00: Codelab – 16.00: Google I/O Extended 2019

Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, Europa Plads 4, 9000 Aalborg

Free. No show fee DKK 500 ex VAT if cancellation happens later than 6 May at 12:00 noon.

Contact name:
Stine Lund

Contact e-mail: 

contact if you wish to attend



Thank you to our sponsors for making Google I/O Extended - Aalborg a reality:








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