ICT Proposers' Day 2017: Your shortcut to Horizon 2020 funding

Join us for the main annual H2020 event and get your chance to obtain extensive funding for both academic research and industrial R&D activities.

Special programme for BrainsBusiness members at ICT Proposers' Day 2017

As a member of BrainsBusiness, you can participate in our tailored programme for Danish participants during ICT Proposers Day 2017 free of charge. In collaboration with the North Denmark EU Office, we are happy to offer you the folllowing:

  • Tailored introduction to the conference
  • Networking dinner on 9 November

> Sign up for BrainsBusiness' activities here (email)

(Please note that you need to register for the conference itself as well, using the link further down on this page). 

Who should attend?

Representatives of companies, universities and research institutes working in the ICT sector, interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration partners.

Unable to attend in person?

If you are unable to attend ICT Proposers' Day but would like your ideas/ projects/ competences to be represented at the event, we at BrainsBusiness will be happy to represent you. Contact Iben Bondegaard Andersen at iba@brainsbusiness.dk to learn more.

About ICT Proposers' Day

ICT Proposers' Day 2017 is the main annual H2020 event dedicated solely to ICT. Around 1000 participants from 57 countries converge in Budapest for two intense days to get inside information on upcoming funding programmes and identify new projects partners.

The programme will include:

  • Presentation of the funding opportunities on the 2018-20 Work Programme of Horizon 2020
  • Intense networking during the Face-to-face Brokerage Event, where you can get pre-scheduled B2B meetings with potential technology and research partners. In 2016, 4.300 meetings took place
  • Personal feedback on project ideas through 1-on-1 meetings with the relevant programme officer from the EU.

> Sign up for the ICT Proposers' Day conference here

What are the benefits of participating in an EU-funded project?

If you are a company:

  • you can get funding for your R&D activities
  • you can collaborate closely with both highly skilled researchers and potential customers
  • your idea/service/product will gain visibility on international markets
  • you will get access to international networks that may contribute to your company's growth as well as entry into new markets

If you are a researcher:

  • you can get funding for your research, including funding of PhD students, post docs, travels, open access costs and equipment
  • you can expand your professional network with more international researchers and companies
  • you will be collaborating closely with companies/organizations and potential end-users
  • your research will potentially gain a larger reach, including more citations and publications

Fakta om arrangementet

9. november 2017 - 10. november 2017

9.-10. november 2017

Budapest, Ungarn

Activities organized by BrainsBusiness (intro to the conference, networking dinner) are free for members of BrainsBusiness.

Kontakt navn:
Iben Bondegaard Andersen

Kontakt e-mail:



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