UX in practice: The latest methods from B&O and AAU

  • How does B&O work with its customers to improve their products?
  • How can you teach your company's software developers to carry out UX design - after only one day of training?
  • Why is movement - such as touch - such a popular - and effective - design method in user interfaces?

In this next installment of our open thematic meetings on UX we are happy to present three experts from B&O and AAU: Tina Øvad and Lars Bo Larsen will talk about the latest methods for working with usability, UX and design in agile development, and Morten Lund will present the results of his newly completed PhD on the use of movement as a design component in user interfaces.

About the presentations:

In the first part, Tina Øvad, Senior UX & Usability Lead at Bang & Olufsen, will give a talk on how Bang & Olufsen has made an agile transformation and how they now work with usability, UX and design in agile environments. She will share the experiences Bang & Olufsen has in bringing the customer closer to development, together with some of the challenges the organisation has faced during this work.

In the second part, Tina and Lars Bo Larsen, Associate Professor at AAU will present some of the results from Tina's ph.d. project, such as AB testing and contextual interview in agile environments. All materials and methods are publicly available as a UX Toolbox enabling e.g. software developers to carry out simple UX tasks after a one-day training session. The talk will focus on the concept and development of the methods.

Click here to see the UX Toolbox.

In the third part, Morten Lund will present the results of his recently completed PhD thesis. Morten Lund's research project concerned movement as a design component in user interfaces and establishes this as a particular use of animation techniques. Most contemporary user interfaces use movement and in particular touch interfaces have movement as a central element. This research project looked into why the use of movement in user interfaces makes sense and merged existing understandings of how to work with movement in interaction design. An iPad exercise surveyed the perceived meaning of motion among 220 respondents and provided insight into the contextuality of movement. The project was supported by Nokia, Bang & Olufsen and The Animation Workshop in Viborg.

About the presenters:

Besides working at Bang & Olufsen, Tina Øvad is a part-time Lecturer at the IT University of Copenhagen where she teaches the professional Master’s course UX & Agile Development. She has an industrial PhD, in collaboration with Radiometer Medical, in which she investigated the possibilities of integrating UX design and usability into agile, industrial environments. Furthermore, Tina has worked as a UX designer at Radiometer and SenDx Medical. She has also helped Nykredit in the development of a common framework for how they work with UX design in agile development environments.

Lars Bo Larsen, ph.d,. is Associate professor at AAU and also part time senior research scientist and Bang and Olufsen. He has many years of research and teaching experience with interaction and user experience design, with a focus on multi modal interaction and biometric sensing for user studies. He is initiator and coordinator of the Engineering Psychology (PDP) programme at Aalborg University.

Morten Lund was UI designer in the mobile industry in Nordjylland  during the years 1999-2009. Here, he designed a full reference user interface concept and developed a modular documentation standard. He has been external lecturer at AAU, Department of Communication since 2004 and PhD candidate since 2010. He is currently Assistant Professor at AAU, Department of Communication.

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26. oktober 2017

24. oktober 2017

8.30-11.30 (8.30-9.00 - registration and breakfast)

Nordkraft, lokale 4.3.02
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