Participate in an EU-co-funded Business Mission to Singapore and Thailand. NOTE: Application deadline 9 March

Through our strategic partnership with it-forum, we can now offer our members access to this unique business mission.  

Singapore and Thailand offer unique possibilities for leading European technologies - read more about this in the text below. The Business Mission takes place 25-30 Juni, 2018. Note: Application deadline is 9 March.


SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION HERE  - IMPORTANT: During application, you must input it-forum in the space "How did you hear about EU GateWay/Business Avenues - Please specify the name of the organisation". 

About the programme: 

  • EU Gateway | Business Avenues is an exclusive EU initiative whose purpose is to support European growth companies' entry into selected Asian markets
  • Exclusive access to targeted business opportunities
  • Preparation and participant costs are co-financed by the EU

Background - why the Singapore and Thailand ICT markets should be on your radar:

Information & Communication Technologies is a key pillar of Singapore’s economy. This €150+ billion industry continues to exhibit strong potential, at a compound annual growth rate of 15.7% per year. Government-driven incentives to transform Singapore into a Smart Nation and Smart Financial Centre, coupled with the country’s No. 2 world ranking for Ease of Doing Business, will make expanding into Singapore a smart choice.

Thailand is the second largest buyer of ICT products and services in the ASEAN region. Its high rate of urbanisation, increased connectivity and growing middle class are strong drivers for government-led initiatives to boost ICT consumption and transform the country into a digital economy. With over 84 million mobile connections, Thailand is considered a Fast Grower Market and is positioned as a gateway to neighbouring emerging markets Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Companies with unique or leading products and services can join an EU-funded programme to access the Singaporean and Thai markets. 



"The [contacts with] and the shortlisting of the targeted companies that we were looking after, that was the value in having all of the prep done."

Tom Van De Dooren -Sentiance (Belgium)

Providing market briefings, individualised coaching, targeted business matching, exhibition days and business mission support, the programme will give participants the opportunity to showcase their products and meet a targeted audience of potential business partners.

Relevant dates:

25 -30 June 2018

Singapore & Thailand

Application deadline: 09 Mar. 2018

To register for this exclusive and selective program, submit your expression of interest online at - IMPORTANT: During application, you must input it-forum in the space "How did you hear about EU GateWay/Business Avenues - Please specify the name of the organisation". 

You can also discuss directly with us by contacting: 

Which costs are covered?

All you need to pay yourself is your travel expenses and insurance. Read more in this document.

Find further info in these documents:


Fakta om arrangementet

25. juni 2018 - 30. juni 2018

Singapore and Thailand

All you need to pay yourself are your travel expenses and insurance.



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