About BrainsBusiness

The overall goal of BrainsBusiness is to maintain and develop Denmark's leading position within digital technologies.

The Danish national cluster for digital technologies, BrainsBusiness, is the point of assembly for the Danish ICT environment and the central bridge builder between the ICT environment and the many businesses and industries for whom digitization plays an increasingly crucial role.

The cluster thus constitutes a unique platform for innovation and growth in the interplay between industry, research and educational institutions, public authorities and citizens.

We work both nationally and internationally, and our activities cover the entire value chain from small entrepreneur software companies in Western Jutland to large concerns with offices and clients all over the world. 

How we work:

The digital technologies are the key to and prerequisite for the continued digital transformation of our society, as well as a crucial precondition for the green transition. 

The digitization of the future is not created simply on the basis of our world-leading digital technologies but also on the basis of knowledge on and from the fields of application of the technologies and on strategic tools. The strong ability to work across sectors and industries and utilize this combination of disciplines is the core of Denmark's leading position within the field of ICT - and the focal point of all BrainsBusiness' activities. 

Triple gold!

In October 2013, BrainsBusiness was awarded the EU Commission's Gold Label for being one of Europe's most well-run and efficient clusters. In Denmark, this was the first time a regional cluster was awarded the prestigious medal, and the first time it was awarded to an ICT cluster. This shows that BrainsBusiness has made its mark as one of the foremost cluster organisations in Europe.

In January 2016 and March 2019, BrainsBusiness passed the recertification process and was once again awarded the Gold Label for Cluster Management Excellence.


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BrainsBusiness is a large private/public partnership within the field of ICT, which works to support and develop the Danish cluster for digital technologies. We bring together a wide range of strong private and public partners and facilitate networking and collaboration across sectoral borders. The key forces behind BrainsBusiness are:

Aalborg University      Business Region North Denmark      The Danish ICT industry      City of Aalborg