Young Tech Innovation Board

We have headhunted five bright students from Aalborg University and University College North Denmark who are to function as a sounding board and generators of new ideas with regards to some of the activities, processes and technologies that we work with.

Through their engagement in our Young Tech Innovation Board, they will offer us their insight into what young people want from an organization such as BrainsBusiness - and from the ICT industry as a whole, which will give us a unique opportunity to spot new potentials and upcoming trends that can form the basis for new events, collaborations, innovation projects and development of the cluster as a whole. 

Tobias Palludan

Study programme: Software Engineering, AAU

"I study Software Engineering at Aalborg University, and I am co-owner of the student company CoreBit. I am interested in technology applied to the challenges of tomorrow and applied in new ways on the routines of today.

I follow technologies such as autonomous vehicles, climate issues and space exploration very closely." 

Ingeborg Goll Rossau

Study programme: Medialogy, Aalborg University

"I am currently following the 8th semester of my MA in Medialogy with specialisation in interaction.

I am deeply intersted in the human side of technology, in relation to how we interact with it and how it affects us.

As part of my studies, I work a lot with human-machine interaction, especially with methods within user-centered and participatory design."

Aske Hornbæk Knudsen

Study programme: Computer Specialist, University College North Denmark

"I am currently following my 4th semester at the Computer Specialist programme at UCN, and one of my main intersts is Cyber Security. I am driven by my deep curiosity and love to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities and to get machines to act differently than with the purpose they were programmed to.

In 2018, I was in the initial squad for the Danish National Cyber Team, in other words, among the 24 best in the age group 16-25 in Denmark. My mission is to make the world of technology safer, one line of code at a time."

Signe Birkeholm Lyhne

Study programme: Computer Specialist at University College North Denmark and licensed Physio Therapist

"I am following my 4th semester at the Computer Specialist programme at UCN and interested in the potential of technology to complement and support the role of qualified personnel within health care and rehabilitation. Specifically, my most important task is to develop a health-are sector that is easy to navigate for employees and citizens.

I do not think that we have yet seen technology's full potential in the health-care sector, for instance within AI, ML and VR, but also with regards to the interaction between for instance physio therapists and citizens through well-developed systems."


Rene Dam Marcker

Study programme: Communications Systems, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University

"I am particularly interested in software-related topics, from the structure of a computer to the use of protocols and algorithms for solving various communication and optimisation issues.

AAU gives me the chance to dig deep and be quite a nerd about all the technologies that are the buzzwords of the times. My work has included the self-driving car, blockchain, I 4.0, cyber security, robots, IoT and embedded systems for complex distributed networks.

Outside my studies I have worked on modeling concepts concerning self-driving cars and am a member of the AAU Eco Racer team."


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