Project manager network

The project manager network is a unique and exclusive network specifically targeted at project managers in North Denmark ICT companies who wish to share knowledge, seek outside inspiration and increase their competences within practical project management.

The purpose of the Project manager network is to enhance the quality of project management in ICT companies, making the companies more competitive on the global market. The network seeks to strengthen knowledge sharing among the project manager participants with a focus on both success stories and challenges, and we have a focus on best practice from companies in the network as well as outside it. In addition, knowledge sharing with other project managers within the company is strengthened.

The participants gain inspiration from relevant literature, each other and external experts, and the network coordinator will provide professional feedback as well as manage the meetings.

The project managers of the ICT companies are tied together through the network with a focus on finding the best practical methods for ICT project management and on increased efficiency, motivation and job satisfaction for both project manager and project team, as well as successful project launches with visible results. In addition, it is possible to get feedback on current challenges and gain input on optimizing one's company’s processes.

During the meetings, topics will include:

  • Practical knowledge on management of projects, teams and foreign collaborators
  • Efficient project launch meetings
  • Schedules that can be met and subsequently motivate the employees
  • Practical agile methods for project management
  • Visibility and forward-looking reporting in practice
  • Personal planning and work/life balance
  • Creativity and innovation in the team

The network is administered by BrainsBusiness with Lise Grevenkop-Castenskiold as facilitator


Sofie Toft

Innovation Consultant

Mob. +45 99 40 38 65


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