UX network


Bringing together the most passionate employees within the field of UX in Jutland in a group that opens up for:

  • discussing relevant topics and problems with other highly qualified professionals - and the chance to get concrete feedback on these
  • sharing ideas, concrete cases and solutions
  • getting inspired by methods, processes and cases
  • expanding one's professional network.

Target group:

Employees who work within UX design, including user research and analysis, concept development, interaction design, UI design and similar topics.

We expect that the participants: 

  • participate in at least 3 of the 4 annual meetings
  • participate actively in the discussions, knowledge sharing and feedback during meetings as well as present cases and problems relevant to the discussion
  • participate in the meetings with a positive approach and are open to new input and inspiration for their work within UX design.


  • The network is run in collaboration with Combine.
  • Max 15-20 participants.
  • Participants sign up for a year at a time.
  • Non-members are welcome for a participation fee.
  • 4 annual meetings (2 in spring, 2 in fall)
  • Morning meetings (8-11AM)
  • Takes place at the premises of member companies (where possible)

Meetings 2019:

5 February
7 May
10 September
5 November


Iben Bondegaard Andersen

Mob. +45 20 77 16 37


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