BrainsBusiness brings together companies, research and educational institutions and public organisations working within ICT in Denmark.

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About BrainsBusiness
About BrainsBusiness

BrainsBusines is Denmark's national cluster for digitization. We bring together all major forces within the Danish ICT environment, including companies, universities and regional and national political actors.
List of members
List of members

Look through our list of members that include close to 150 innovative ICT companies in Denmark - maybe you will find new clients, suppliers or collaborators here.
Member services
Member services

Read about our result-oriented member services that include topical events, matchmaking, innovation workshops and free advertising of vacancies.

Latest news and events

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Tech Insights: IoT Technologies - Aalborg
Tech Insights: IoT Technologies - Aalborg

Are you considering, or have you already embarked on your IoT business venture? Then join us for this IoT tech day where we offer you the latest knowledge from Danish IoT companies and researchers at AAU.
Workshop: How to implement gamification in project management - Aalborg
Workshop: How to implement gamification in project management - Aalborg

This workshop will demonstrate a fun way to solve (almost) any problem you might encounter in your projects. The solution is to turn your project into a game. You will learn why this makes sense and why this is one of the best ways to solve critical situations in a project.
Webinar: DIH^2: The new business model to win the Industry 4.0 revolution
Webinar: DIH^2: The new business model to win the Industry 4.0 revolution

Want to know how you can benefit from DIH²'s financial and technical support for your entry into Industry 4.0? Want to learn from the most recent case studies and best practice examples of SME manufacturing businesses? Want to learn about the latest business models for Industry 4.0? Then join us for this DIH² webinar!

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BrainsBusiness members

  • 2operate
  • ABNI Communications
  • Acomi (Aalborg office)
  • ACTON IT Aps
  • Ad Hoc IT Aps
  • AK7-IT A/S
  • Ambolt
  • Antero
  • AnyBody Technology
  • AskCody
  • ATEA (Aalborg office)
  • AX-Services ApS
  • Bedtime Digital Games
  • Blockchain Danmark
  • Blue It ApS
  • Borean Innovation
  • BrainMatch ApS
  • Brandtoft Ventures ApS
  • Bright Ideas
  • CEGO
  • CISS
  • Clubtimiser
  • Cobham SATCOM Pandrup
  • CodeCreator
  • Combine A/S
  • CompanYoung
  • Conscensia A/S
  • Dataproces
  • Debito ApS
  • Delegate
  • Det Gode Firma ApS
  • DevelopNet ApS
  • Dezide ApS
  • Dive Courses Consulting
  • Duckwise
  • Dynaway A/S
  • EB Design ApS
  • eco2LIGHT
  • Econta
  • Efficient Ideation
  • Elsevier
  • Emotionelle Kundetyper
  • Epoka
  • Erhvervshus Nordjylland
  • ESET Nordics
  • Frederikshavn Kommune
  • Gate-House A/S
  • gjerrild consult
  • Green.Click A/S
  • Guardian IP Consulting
  • Hall & Partners - Interim Management
  • HEDEVANG Ledelse og Rekruttering
  • HjulmandKaptain
  • Ideaal ApS
  • Incendium A/S
  • Infolink Kurser
  • Infomax ApS
  • Intelligent Systems A/S
  • IOLA ApS
  • it-vest
  • JC VisuelDesign
  • JCD A/S
  • Jutlander Bank A/S
  • KMD A/S
  • Knowit
  • Kosmos Technology A/S
  • Lets Move You
  • Lexcon
  • Logimatic
  • Logiritmic
  • Lyngsoe Systems A/S
  • MapsPeople
  • Mariendal IT A/S
  • Mayday Film ApS
  • Mobile Heights
  • Mookit
  • Motinno ApS
  • Move2x IVS
  • MyDefence Communication ApS
  • Navisupport
  • Navtilus
  • NemTilmeld
  • NeoGrid Technologies ApS
  • Netic A/S
  • noaQA
  • Nokia
  • Nordcad Systems A/S
  • Orgaard Solutions IVS
  • PathShaper ApS
  • Patrade A/S
  • PDM Technology
  • Percepto
  • PKN EMC Engineering
  • Posility ApS
  • Prosa
  • Publicity
  • Region Nordjylland
  • Rohde & Schwarz Technology Center A/S
  • RTX A/S
  • Ræson Automation
  • SafeEx ApS
  • Salesclub ApS
  • Samsung Denmark Research Center
  • Saphe
  • Seluxit
  • Senti
  • Snapp ApS
  • Sol og Strand
  • SoluDyne ApS
  • Spar Nord Bank A/S
  • Sternula ApS
  • Synergile ApS
  • Technicon
  • Techno-Matic A/S
  • TEJG ApS
  • Telenor A/S
  • Trackunit A/S
  • Trifork A/S
  • Tunnel Vision Games
  • Taarnfalk ApS
  • University College Nordjylland
  • WebHouse ApS
  • Wirtek A/S
  • Xtel Wireless ApS
  • Aalborg Kommune
  • Aalborg Universitet

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BrainsBusiness is a large private/public partnership within the field of ICT, which works to support and develop the Danish cluster for digital technologies. We bring together a wide range of strong private and public partners and facilitate networking and collaboration across sectoral borders. The key forces behind BrainsBusiness are:

Aalborg University      Business Region North Denmark      The Danish ICT industry      City of Aalborg