BrainsBusiness Lunches

BrainsBusiness regularly organize lunch meetings at which we invite CXOs for lunch and a dialogue on the potentials within a specific topic or field. Topics may include concrete issues, company challenges or future BrainsBusiness initiatives.

The BrainsBusiness Lunch concept includes:

  • A 90 minute lunch for selected CXOs along with representatives of the management of BrainsBusiness.
  • The topic, defined ahead of the lunch, and which provides the basis for the selection of the participants of that specific lunch meeting.
  • Summing-up email that will include a summary of the discussion as well as information on future initiatives or activities that may help solve the challenges discussed.

At these lunches, we will invite those member companies and educational institutions that are most relevant to the topic in question. This will give our members a chance to offer their experiences and knowledge within the potentials and challenges that arise from working within a specific field. Our aim is to be able to tailor our services and activities even better to the needs of our members.

Want to know more about our BrainsBusiness Lunches?

Please contact Birgit-Johanne Andersen at tel. +45 21 47 99 69.

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BrainsBusiness is a large private/public partnership within the field of ICT, which works to support and develop the Danish cluster for digital technologies. We bring together a wide range of strong private and public partners and facilitate networking and collaboration across sectoral borders. The key forces behind BrainsBusiness are:

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