Collaboration with Aalborg University

With Aalborg University as one of the key partners in BrainsBusiness and part of our secretariat located at the university's premises, we are in close contact with world-leading research and educational environments. Get our help to get into contact with researchers or students.

We often organize events in collaboration with (or with participation from) both AAU and companies and also often help establish contact when companies are in need of research competences or when researchers are looking for collaborators for student or research projects.

Our services include:

  • Contact to researchers
  • Contact to students
  • Contact to education administrators
  • Contact to AAU Matchmaking
  • Contact to research environments
  • Contact to project coordinators
  • Contact to AAU's Technology Transfer Office

Do you need to get in touch with someone at Aalborg University?

Contact Birgit Pia Nøhr, tel. +45 29 72 07 01, or Berit Brendborg, tel. +45 22 86 98 91.


"The university plays a major role for us. They hatch qualified employees, and we also benefit greatly from collaborating with students.

The direct contact between Dataproces and Aalborg University was formed through BrainsBusiness, and we have subsequently had a constructive dialogue. Lately concerning a co-European Open Data research project in which Aalborg University plays a central, coordinating role and Dataproces participates as platform provider and technical advisor."

Morten Lindblad, CEO, Dataproces

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BrainsBusiness is a large private/public partnership within the field of ICT, which works to support and develop the Danish cluster for digital technologies. We bring together a wide range of strong private and public partners and facilitate networking and collaboration across sectoral borders. The key forces behind BrainsBusiness are:

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