EU funding

BrainsBusiness members can utilize our employee Jonas Hansen's specialized knowledge within EU funding. Jonas works at the North Denmark EU Office in Brussels but regularly visits our premises in Aalborg.

If you have an idea for an EU project that fulfills the requirements below, please feel free to contact Jonas to get expert feedback on your project idea and advice on how to take the next steps towards an application.

These requirements must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for EU funding:

  • Optimally, the company must have a project idea/products or function within an industry/line of business that is relevant in a major EU context (for more information, see Guide to ICT-related activities).
  • The company must be ambitious concerning growth and development.
  • The company must have the resources and competences for running an EU-funded project.
  • If the company already has an idea for a project, this must concern something that is 'need to have' rather than 'nice to have'.
  • The company must expect the project to constitute a good business case.
  • The product/solution to be developed/tested must break new ground and must give the company a significant edge within its market if it becomes reality.

Our services include:

  • Feedback on and upgrading of project ideas
  • Counseling on the possibilities for getting EU funding
  • Matchmaking with other relevant project partners
  • Counseling on the basic requirements for getting EU funding
  • Guidance on the application process
  • Feedback on the application, pitch etc.



Questions about getting EU funding? Want to participate in an EU project?

Please contact Jonas Hansen at +32 479 960 968 

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