Executive dinners

Twice a year, BrainsBusiness organizes 'executive dinners' at which CXOs from companies with 50+ employees are invited to an exclusive event where the program includes a presentation by a prominent person from Danish industry or politics, as well as plenty of opportunity to expand their professional network, participate in confidential experience exchange, discussions and dialogue on topics relevant to CXOs at this level. 

An executive dinner event consists of:

  • Presentation from an industrial VIP, MP, prominent business leader at a national level etc.
  • Dinner (sponsored by the host company) with other prominent business leaders

Each time, BrainsBusiness will select the invited business leaders on the basis of the topic and speakers of the dinner event in question. The aim is to give our members access to an exclusive community of similar business leaders and establish a confidential forum for experience exchange, discussion and professional development for business leaders at a high level.

Interested in participating in an Executive Dinner?

Please contact Birgit Pia Nøhr, tel. +45 29 72 07 01.

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