Free advertising of job vacancies and education programmes

Members of BrainsBusiness may advertise vacancies free of charge on our popular job portal where the vacancies are announced both on our website and on the facebook page BrainJobs. We provide an overview of the many vacancies in the North Denmark IT industry.

We also provide an overview of a variety of educational offers on our education portal, including IT-relevant educations at University College North Denmark and Aalborg University.

Our services include:

  • Increased visibility for your job advertisements
  • Targeted marketing of your job advertisement to relevant applicants through our facebook posts
  • Increased visibility for your educational programmes
  • Increasing the status of North Denmark as an attractive place to work as career opportunities are made visible.

Interested in getting your job advertisement on our website?

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BrainsBusiness is a large private/public partnership within the field of ICT, which works to support and develop the Danish cluster for digital technologies. We bring together a wide range of strong private and public partners and facilitate networking and collaboration across sectoral borders. The key forces behind BrainsBusiness are:

Aalborg University      Business Region North Denmark      The Danish ICT industry      City of Aalborg