Innovation programmes

BrainsBusiness offers facilitated innovation programmes on specific challenges from one or more companies. The innovation programme must concern a concrete challenge from the participants, and the programme consists of:

  • Two 2-hour initial meetings during which the aim of the innovation programme is defined. The company presents its challenge and the final theme of the programme is determined.
  • Three 4-hour workshops for the management and/or selected employees of the company. Here, everybody works together on the company's challenge on the basis of the selected methods.
  • One 8-hour kick-off workshop for the entire company during which the procedure or solution developed is presented to the employees.
  • One follow-up meeting with evaluation and feedback on the programme.

At these innovation programmes, we invite those member companies and educational institutions that are best suited to the actual challenge. This gives the members the chance to offer their competences, build relations to other participants and continue working with the suggested solutions that appear over the course of the programme.

Our services include:

The topic of the innovation programme depends on the company's challenge and may concern, among other things:

  • The application of the company's technologies and products in new contexts
  • The optimization of internal processes in the company
  • The presentation and maturing of product ideas
  • The identification of new potential markets.

Interested in how your company can grow through an innovation programme?

Contact Birgit Pia Nøhr at tel. +45 29 72 07 01.

Innovation programmes are subject to a participation fee for the company presenting the challenge. Contact Birgit Nøhr for more information.


"The idea behind the IHL concept - Intelligent Hospital Logistics - stems from an initiative by BrainsBusiness. Intelligent Systems, Qubica and a number of other member companies from BrainsBusiness and the Intelligent Logistics network participated in an innovation programme whose purpose was to identify possible roads and pitfalls when offering welfaretech to the health care sector.

On the basis of this programme, Intelligent Systems and Qubica initiated a collaboration on developing a concept for intelligent logistics - in other words, the initial steps of IHL that we are now working on developing and testing. BrainsBusiness has been a driving force in bringing the project to life and get it as far as it currently is."

Niki Nikolas Grigoriou, CEO, Intelligent Systems, on the company's participation in the innovation programme Technology Road Mapping that led to the million-DKK project Intelligent Hospital Logistics. (Source:

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