Innovation workshops

Do you have a product idea, concept, technology or other challenge that you would like to develop in interaction with other companies, researchers, students or private citizens? Or are you interested in participating in innovation workshops focusing on the challenges of other companies/organizations that you may be able to solve through your products, services, technologies or competences?

BrainsBusiness regularly organizes innovation workshops - for instance under the auspices of some of our projects, in collaboration with the City of Aalborg or the North Denmark Region, or taking point of departure in challenges from one or more of our member companies - where we invite a wide range of relevant partners who work together on the challenge/idea over the course of a day. The workshops are facilitated by researchers from Aalborg University, by BrainsBusiness or by external consultants or facilitators.

The open workshops are advertised in our events calendar, and if you yourself have a challenge or a topic that you would like to suggest as focus for a workshop, feel free to contact us.

  • Our services include:
  • The maturing of product and concept ideas
  • Idea generation on the application of technologies in new markets
  • Concept development where ICT is used for solving specific challenges in companies/organizations.

Interested in participating in an innovation workshop? Or do you have an idea that could form the basis of a workshop?

Contact Birgit Pia Nøhr, tel. +45 29 72 07 01.


"I got some really good input during the workshop. It initiated some interesting dialogues that led to applicable ideas that we definitely consider developing. I definitely think that some of the ideas that appeared can be developed further into finished products through joint development projects with some of the participating companies.

We all need to be open and participate in dialogue on how to be a smart city, and in that connection we are definitely open to participating in pilot projects on developing solutions that will benefit not only us but also similar companies.

Henrik Nielsen, Technical Manager, Skallerup Seaside Resort, on the company's participation in an innovation workshop under the CLINES project.

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