SmartCityTech: Get your products onto international markets

As a continuation of the major European cluster collaboration project CLINES, finished in 2016, BrainsBusiness participates in the European cluster alliance named SmartCityTech. The alliance works to help companies working within Smart City technologies onto new interesting markets.

In 2018, the alliance organized a joint trip for companies and researchers to Singapore, and in 2019 they will organize a trip to a Smart City event in the USA. Alongside these activities, the alliance works on developing a business model for companies who wish to enter into these markets, and joint applications for EU projects under the auspices of Horizon 2020 INNOSUP calls will be drawn up.

Through BrainsBusiness, researchers from CISS - Center for Embedded Software Systems and the Business Model Design Center at AAU participate in the work in SmartCityTech. In addition to BrainsBusiness, the Danish energy cluster House of Energy as well as clusters from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and Italy participate in the alliance.

Our services include:

  • Communication of Smart City events relevant to Danish companies
  • Participation in study trips to new relevant markets: Singapore and USA
  • Networking with other European companies and researchers working within the development and application of Smart City technologies
  • The development of business models for how Danish/European companies can bring their Smart City products and technologies onto other international markets
  • The facilitation of Danish participation in applications under INNOSUP calls.


Interested in getting your SmartCity technologies and products onto new markets?

Please contact Birgit Nøhr at tel. +45 29 72 07 01.

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