Strategic partnership with it-forum

BrainsBusiness' entry into a strategic partnership with it-forum means that members of BrainsBusiness have access to all it-forum member services and benefits on equal terms as their own members. In addition, our collaboration with it-forum gives our members access to an extensive network of IT companies, researchers and students that covers all of Jutland.

Your benefits from the partnership:

  • The chance to meet new clients, suppliers and collaborators from all of Jutland - it-forum has a total of 450 members.
  • Access to an even wider range of thematic events - members of BrainsBusiness can participate in it-forum's events on equal terms with their members, and vice versa.
  • Increased visibility and increased impact - in total, our two clusters number more than 30,000 IT jobs, which makes us equal in size to Greater Copenhagen.
  • Direct access to greater reach for news items and products as we will communicate each other's news articles, events and company profiles in newsletters (a total of 4700 recipients), on social media (a total of 3500 followers on Facebook and 1200 on LinkedIn) etc.
  • Easier access to new contacts within the IT industry in the Central and Southern Regions of Denmark, as it-forum can help establish contact to the competences our members are seeking.

Questions about our strategic partnership?

Please contact Birgit Nøhr at +45 29 72 07 01.

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BrainsBusiness is a large private/public partnership within the field of ICT, which works to support and develop the Danish cluster for digital technologies. We bring together a wide range of strong private and public partners and facilitate networking and collaboration across sectoral borders. The key forces behind BrainsBusiness are:

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