Topical networks

Through BrainsBusiness, employees can get access to a number of topical networks. Some are free while others have a participation fee - this depends on how the networks function.

The networks function as confidential fora where the participants get the chance to exchange experiences and have professional discussions. Often, the meetings will take their point of departure in a concrete case/challenge presented by one of the participants.

Furthermore, a number of our topical networks function in close collaboration with research units at Aalborg University and gives insight into the latest research within the fields in question.

Our services include:

We currently offer these topical networks:

Interested in participating in one of our topical networks?

Contact Kasper Munk-Petersen at tel. +45 22 95 60 03 or the facilitator for each network.

Some of our networks and network events are open to non-members for a fee. Contact us for more information.



"The events provide me with inspiration through the many brilliant presentations and debates that also strengthen my fascination and passion for creating the best user experiences possible with the purpose of strengthening commercial value.

I often see how many people misunderstand and are misinformed about the concept of UX and in this connection, the network can provide a firm basis for increased experience and knowledge exchange on the concept and how we each can make sure that the concept is properly brought into play in companies.

Last, but not least, I see the network as a really good opportunity for building new relations to people with whom I share my passion for UX."

Pia Lilja, UX Designer, Telenor, on her participation in the User Experience topical network. 

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