Airbus and Aalborg University in New Partnership

Airbus, the leading European aircraft manufacturer, will start a joint research and technology development with Aalborg University. The venture is part of a five-year strategic cooperation agreement the parties have just signed.

The terms were finally negotiated so that the agreement could be signed in connection with a visit by Airbus representatives to the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering where the joint research will initially be anchored.

Eskild Holm Nielsen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, emphasizes that the ambition is a concerted effort that will ultimately involve more of the AAU environments that deal with Airbus related technologies in aviation and aerospace.

- Everyone would like to work with a company like Airbus so we are of course very proud to have been selected for this collaboration. We see it as an important strategic partnership with long-term prospects for both Aalborg University and Airbus. The activities we are starting out with are hopefully just the first of many, says Eskild Holm Nielsen.

From Airbus’s side, Aalborg University was the ideal choice due to both its international reputation as a leader in industrial collaboration and the quality of the university's research in areas of technology that are of particular importance for Airbus.

Necessary secrecy

Preliminary negotiations were detailed and relatively protracted. Partly because Airbus operates in areas and competitive situations where there are special requirements for confidentiality and protection of information.

- But we also know this from other partners. What is important for us as a university is that Airbus is responsive to our desire that research will also result in scientific publications, says Eskild Holm Nielsen.

It is also part of the agreement that Aalborg University can use the technologies developed and the underlying knowledge in other areas where it is not in direct competition with Airbus.

- In that way it has been a very constructive process, which bodes well for further cooperation, believes Eskild Holm Nielsen.


The strategic cooperation agreement is signed with Airbus Defence and Space, which develops innovative solutions for defense, security and space exploration. The division is part of the large Airbus Group.

Further information

  • Eskild Holm Nielsen, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Science, AAU, Tel.: +45 2944 8337.
  • Carsten Nielsen, Science Journalist, AAU, Tel.: +45 2340 6554.

Source: News from AAU

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